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About Us
3PL KART LOGISTICS is a premier consulting and auditing 4PL Company with primary focus on 3rd Party logistics and supply chain operations. We are committed to deliver superior performance to our clients with the objective of optimizing their operational cost and rendering quality services.

3PL KART LOGISTICS has made a humble beginning in the year 2011. We have helped our clients to manage their supply chain operations through stringent quality audits and training of logistics personnel.

Our Core Area of Expertise are : -

» Supply chain operations audit

» Third Party Logistics (3PL) Consulting

» Logistics training

We have performed supply chain operations (quality) audit for various verticals like Shipping Companies, Freight Forwarding companies, Logistics companies, Automotive & Electronic manufacturing companies in India. We have trained more than 2,000 people on logistics operations and performed supply chain operations audit for more than 50 companies in India since 2011.

Our management team comprises of logistics experts, supply chain operations auditors having vast supply chain industry knowledge and practical experience of more than 20 years. We have partnered with leading logistics and supply chain management companies to provide on the job training to logistics professionals.

In India, logistics costs are still higher than those in developed markets – it is estimated to be around 13% of the GDP (Approx Rs.11,08,348.00 Crores of Rs.85,25,755.00 of GDP for the year 2010 - Source Wikipedia ) , compared with 8% in the US. Transportation costs account for nearly 40% of the production costs.  Inventory carrying costs account for approximately 24% of logistics costs, and order processing and administrative costs account for a significant 10%. Stock filing and warehouse management is, in many cases, done manually, which increases administrative costs and adds an element of inefficiency.

The three major hurdles faced by India’s logistics industry are “insufficient knowledge and under -exposure of logistics solution providers, inadequate infrastructure, and ineffective usage of information technology”.

3PL KART LOGISTICS as a 4PL company is committed to address one of the three major challenges of the logistics industry (Insufficient Knowledge) by conducting rigorous quality audits and also through training of operations personnel.

Our vision is to become one of the top most supply chain operations consulting companies in India and to deliver superior value to our customers.