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Logistics Updates
» Seamlessness can be created by setting up Logistics Corporation of India: SB Agnihotri
MUMBAI: Dr SB Agnihotri in his inaugural address of Logistics Summit 2011 organized by the CII - Institute of Logistics has said that set up Logistics Corporation of India for creating seamlessness. This event has been held on November 3.

Professor Anwarul Hoda, said, “Inflation in food prices on urban centers was due to transportation, distribution and storage costs. Logistics costs are thus a major determinant of food prices. The lack of infrastructure and logistics leads to high demand and poor supply ratio.”

Moreover, this event has stressed on sustaining growth and profitability in difficult times. CII Institute of Logistics - a Confederation of Indian Industry's Centre of Excellence convened the Logistics Summit 2011. Dr SB Agnihotri, IAS Director General of shipping, Ministry of Shipping delivered the Inaugural Address and released the research Publication by KPMG. Prof. Anwarul Hoda, Chair Professor Trade Policy & WTO Research Programme ICRIER, Mr. Cyrus Guzder, Chairman & M.D AFL Group, Mr. Radhakrishnan, Chairman, Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust have taken part in the summit.
Mr Cyrus Guzder, said, “The CII Logistics conference's core objective is to provide an opportunity to introduce global practices in helping both industry and logistics service providers. Ensuring the optimization of their supply chain and thereby sustaining the performance ability during the present difficult environment.”
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Source: SME News, Monday, Nov 7, 2011 14:57:39 PM IST